It is of great importance to me to not only accompany you facing new challenges, be it in difficult life situations or in acute crises, but also in the good times. Also, to support you along the way through appreciative and respectful interaction with each other.

Having been practicing as a psychotherapist in training under supervision since the beginning of 2022, accompanying you along your personal development and life journey means a lot to me. Being your support, strengthening your capabilities and opening up new perspectives, are things I want to work on together with you.

As psychotherapist under supervision, I am in the final stage of my psychotherapy training and am being supported by experienced teaching therapists.


  • Psychotherapist in training under supervision
  • Born in Tehran in 1988
  • Grew up with a Persian and Austrian cultural background
  • Grew up in Upper Austria (Wallern an der Trattnach)
  • Studied transcultural communication Arabic/English at the University of Graz
  • Propaedeutic course at the University of Graz
  • Method-specific training for Systemic Family therapy at the ÖAGG
  • BA Psychosoziale Interventionen at Bertha von Suttner Private University in St. Pölten
  • MA Psychotherapy at Bertha von Suttner private University in St. Pölten (ongoing)

My friend  care for your psyche … know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves.